Woman in red

Matte lighting from a small restaurant lit up the windows of a large and full of speed capital. It was already dark outside, and despite the hot sun on the day that predicted the coming summer, the late evening cold snuck under the coat when we got out of the car and started walking towards the restaurant.

“You look nice today,” he told me. We had known each other for several years, really, but we had never been just the two of us. Our meetings were usually about work and took place in an office where there were always several other colleagues around us. But there was something between us that was not possible to put into words. The look, smile. Random touches that burned. There was something there that forced me to seek to be near him as much as possible. To find excuses to ask about something or investigate how he is doing. He always answered briefly and without really saying anything.

For a long time, I was not even sure if he liked women at all. Or if he had someone in his life already. Finally, several years later, I took the courage to ask if he would like to celebrate a successful contract at work with me, where the whole group had given their best effort. It was a little different this time, and I got the main prize for the effort. It gave me a small opportunity to use it as an excuse to ask him to come out with me and celebrate it. I wanted to thank him personally, asking him out for dinner. And it was well reasoned. He was good at the job, and without his support, I would never have gotten as far as I did. I did not see anything immoral in it. It was just dinner. And I was always very careful and polite. Even though he thought there was something more there like I did, he kept it a secret, and I did not want to take it up without his permission. There could be so many reasons which only he knew what they could be.

The waitress led us to the table I had ordered in advance. There were clean wine and water glasses on it, along with napkins and candles in the middle of the table. Our table was right next to the window. I might have crossed the line a little today when I put on my red, short dress. But I was a woman, and I liked to look good. And if he were to admit today that he already has someone in his life, I politely thank him for dinner and for the pleasant company, and we each go our separate ways as friends. Just like we have been doing for several years now. What could be wrong with that?

Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

“You did a great job with this contract,” he said to me, looking me straight in the eye. His bright gray-blue eyes invaded deep into my soul. They did it every time, even though we were talking about the weather. To me, he was the most beautiful person I had ever met. Every time I looked closer at him, my breathing stopped, and I never got enough of his perfect face lines. What was not perfect with him made him irresistible in my eyes. I had tried to find explanations for it, but I could not find anything other than it had to be fate. It was something that just had to be there, and I was sure it had to take us to something. Even though I did not know what it was, it was already predetermined by fate.

“I would not have made it without your support,” I replied in a voice that could barely be heard. I tried to look him in the eyes when I said that but turned my face away. Seeing him right in the eyes required courage from me. It was almost impossible or only in small amounts, because if I looked further into his eyes, then time stopped, and I felt my breathing get heavier.

“You look magnificent,” he said with a smile. He had full control over the situation. It seemed to me that he always looked straight through me. No matter how I tried to hide my feelings, he seemed to understand everything.

“I have been trying to understand some things here for a long time,” I said with a modest smile and swallowed. It was hard to talk. I looked away again and nervously began to fold the napkin. “I do not know how to say it, but I have sometimes wondered if you are with someone.”

This time it was he who looked down and smiled. But it was a happy smile. He knew exactly what I wanted to ask, and he saw how difficult it was for me, but he enjoyed every moment and wanted to see how I would cope. As if he wanted to test me and liked what he saw.

“No, I’m not with anyone,” he said, looking at me again with the same smile. Then it became quiet. I began to realize that it was a kind of game. He gave me some pieces and waited to see what I should do with them. But that meant that there was something more between us.

“What do you want to eat?” I asked now in a clear voice. I had to pull myself together. My God, I’m no longer an inexperienced young girl to blush this way and be nervous. I am a confident and independent woman. And that was what he had to see tonight.

“I think I’m taking the same thing as you,” he replied in a very ordinary way as if we were still at work talking about something completely different than what lay between the lines – which screamed without words and which could not be ignored.
“You know what, I think you have completely misunderstood me,” I said as I placed the order journal on the table with a confident movement.
“What do you mean?” he asked, surprised as if he did not understand any of what I was talking about.
“You know what I’m talking about,” I replied, and this time I looked straight into his eyes so that he would not have a single doubt that if he had intended to play this game with me, he would not have a chance to win it.

He did not answer. A few seconds later, the waitress came and took the order. A bottle of white wine was placed on the table, and the waitress filled the glasses at my request. I needed something stronger than water if we were to do this here.

“Here’s the thing,” I said with a deep breath, leaning back a little relaxed after the first sip of wine. “You always seem so confident and controlled. Sometimes I look at you and wonder if there are any weaknesses in you at all. You are so… perfect.”

He sat more comfortably on the chair, and I saw that he enjoyed every word I said to him. He liked what he heard. He liked to listen to the good qualities that I listed randomly. I tried to read each of his movements to understand the most appropriate thing to do now. But the stiffness inside me slowly began to let go, and at one point, I just wanted to be without thinking and without analyzing. In front of me sat a man I had wanted for years now, and I did not want to spend more time on the uncertainty. He had said he was free. It meant that I had been given the green light to be myself without being afraid to show what I felt and wanted. Just not so fast. I wanted to enjoy the game he had started.

“Thank you,” he replied with a satisfied smile again. “I must say that I have been keeping an eye on you for a long time now, and I must admit that you are an incredibly good person. You have many good qualities. You notice others around you and always try to help them. “
The wine I drank suddenly went straight into my head. I think I blushed a little when he said those words. It was a game, but every time I felt full control, he managed to take it from me again in just a few seconds. I wondered if he felt the same way.

“Here’s your dinner,” said the waitress who came with plates. Soon he came with all the accessories for dinner, and we started eating.
“It’s a very nice restaurant,” he said as he tasted more of the wine. “Do you come here often?”
“Oh no, it’s the first time,” I replied kindly. “I walk past this restaurant here every day when I go to and come from work, and every time I think that one day I should have dinner here. That’s why I chose this one. “I did not say that in reality, every time I walked by here and looked in the windows, I dreamed away having this special dinner here, with him. I had chosen this place for us already a few years ago. And today was as if my biggest dream came true. “But still there is something I do not understand,” I continued with topics that were more exciting to me. ‘You’re alone. May I ask why? Are you divorced? You do not have to answer that. We’re just colleagues. I’m just a little curious. “

“I’m divorced, but that was a long time ago,” he said. “After that, I have been in some relationships, but they did not last long. And you?”
“I’ve been alone for a while now, too,” I said, feeling a little uncomfortable. I wanted to know about him as much as possible, but I was not ready to tell so much about myself. I followed him closely every time he bent over the plate. With each little sip of wine, my breath got heavier and heavier. I forgot more and more to be careful. I forgot that we were colleagues and unwritten rules that one was not allowed to cross. I looked at him, and my imagination took off completely. I had been waiting for this evening for so long, I had dreamed about it, looked into my dreams while I slept hundreds of times, and I longed so terribly for his touches.

“What is the wildest thing you have done when you have made love with someone?” I asked unexpectedly. It seemed for a moment that something was stuck in his throat when he heard my question. I liked that I had hit him with something he was not ready for, and he was no longer in control of the situation. Now it was my turn to sit back, enjoy and see how he will solve it. Again silence. He took plenty of time to chew his food through, to put down his fork and knife, and slowly take a sip of wine, without looking at me once. I waited patiently.

“I do not know,” he said, at last, still looking away. “And you?”
“Hm…” now it was my turn to take it easy. But I was not of this type to wait too long when I once felt now that I had full control. “There are quite a few things that make me smile every time I remember them,” I replied, bursting out laughing. “For example, this time, when I met a man who liked bondage. Do you know what it is?”
“No,” he replied, and it was visible that he felt a little uncomfortable in the new situation he found himself in. I tried to understand if it came from the fact that he did not like what I said or that he was not used to talking about it so openly.

“It’s when a woman is tied up with a ribbon. Or belts. There are separate methods of how to do it and how much the woman wants her to be bound. I liked minimally when only my hands and legs were easily tied to something, for example, to the bed so that I could not move freely. And blindfolded so I could not see anything. Feel free to use some toys. There are also more rigorous methods, but I liked the softer way. I have not tried anything more of that kind. The man plays with a woman and takes her to the edge of orgasm, right where she is moments from coming without letting her have an orgasm. That is probably what is so strong about the whole experience. When that orgasm finally comes, it is as strong as I had never experienced before in my life. And when everything is over in the end, it feels like you had completely lost track of time. As if I had been in a completely different dimension. “

He looked at me with a genuinely surprised face, and I could not hold back the laughter anymore. His gaze said more than a thousand words!
“I’m just kidding!” it came out of me in the end. “I just wanted to see your face when you heard it. How often have you talked about something like that with your colleagues?”
“Never,” he replied and also began to laugh out loud. I had managed to get a tiny step closer to him, I understood. He opened up, even more relaxed, and so did I.

“But I like romance and passion very much,” I continued after a while. I put one foot over the other. ‘I like to play. I like to enjoy every movement and touch, starting with kisses and ending with passionate sex. And you?”
He coughed his voice clear and took me by the hand on the table next to the plate. “I like the same and exactly the way you describe it,” he said, looking me deep in the eyes again. I was not afraid of this look anymore. I did not try to avoid it. I looked back into his eyes, and the adrenaline started pumping faster in my blood vessels.
“I have to go for a moment,” I said, carefully taking my hand out of his. I went to the ladies’ room and took a deep breath. My mirror image in front of me told me that I had gotten maybe a little too much wine. Or was it something else? Everything inside me burned. The flame came up my legs to my abdomen and into my chest and made me breathe faster and faster as if the air was starting to run out. Did I really do that? Was I so crazy to do this? There were so many thoughts in my head that tried to bring me back to earth, but the burning feeling suffocated everything else in me.

“I have something I want to give you,” I said when I returned to the table. “I do not want anyone else to see it, so you have to accept it under the table.”
He leaned, confused across the table the way I did, and I tried to find his hands under the table. I got hold of one of them and put in it my red thong underwear. As red as my dress, but he probably did not notice it right away. In order not to confuse him even more, I turned my face away and took another sip of wine. I hoped that now he realized that I had nothing under my dress anymore. He blushed clearly. Maybe I was really too brave tonight. But I liked it. I saw how he hid my underwear in his jacket pocket, and after that, he looked at me, without saying a single word. But his eyes spoke of much more than the words could say.

Furthermore, everything went as usual. As if nothing had happened. We finished dinner, paid the bill, and went to the car. I walked in front of him, and I could swear he ate me with his eyes. Tonight we had taken his car since I did not like to drive when I had drunk wine. Therefore, he had been more careful about drinking, and I felt safe with him. For a moment, I wondered if I had just imagined everything that happened. Maybe he disagreed and tried to find an excuse to get away. But I quickly threw away this thought. Now it was too late to turn back. If nothing else, I had to get my underwear back at least. I was sure that no matter what happened next, he was someone I could trust.
When we got to my house, I asked if he would like to come in and have a cup of coffee. And if something should go wrong, I could say that I had drunk a little too much wine. My heart started beating harder, and I was not so confident anymore. Did I do everything right? Or had I made the biggest mistake of my life?

“You can go into the living room and wait there while I make coffee,” I told him as we entered the house. I leaned forward to take off my shoes when I suddenly felt his hands around me. I got up again, but before I had time to turn around, he pushed me against the wall in front of me. It was an unexpected move that took me by surprise. He stood close behind me, pressed even more against my body, and I felt his breath on my neck. I tried to breathe deeply in and out, but it did not help, there was not enough air, and everything started to spin around. I stood stiffly, waiting. He stopped for a moment. We just stood there listening to the heavy, hot breath. Suddenly all the feelings fell on me, all the fantasies I had fantasized about him, all the dreams and longing. It slid so fast over me that I lost the feeling in my legs, and to stay up, I leaned against him. The whole body became warm; the same burning wave rose through the body and right in the face. When he felt that I was leaning even more against him, he took my hands and put them up against the wall. Then he slid his hands slowly down, over my arms, over my chest, stomach, over my hips, down my thighs. He did it so slowly and gently that I could probably get the orgasm just from what he did. But then his hand began to slide upwards again. Only this time on the inside of my thighs. He gently pulled up my dress and let his hand slide right between my legs. It was hot. And I was ready. I would not wait another moment. He was mine. Finally, he was mine. The longing was finally over, and I disappeared in the best pleasure I had ever experienced.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash