How can I remain silent?

How can I remain silent when injustice has been done? How can I keep quiet when lives have been destroyed and every cell has soaked with pain? Do you remember when I tried to tell you what was going on in my heart? Do you remember that cry from the bottom of my soul? You didn’t hear. You didn’t understand that. You looked me in the eye but looked straight past me.

How can I keep quiet when there are so many voices inside me? There are so many words that can’t be held in my hand. Words that have too much meaning to say.  I so wanted you to hear me, understand me. I was so thirsty for your love and closeness.

How can I silence the feelings that burn destinies and worlds? How can I remain silent if the only thing that makes any difference at all is change? We cannot continue as it is. We cannot continue with this, because silence pulls us to the bottom and puts heavy stones around our necks. We have to let go of it and we have to tear ourselves free through words.