Work against HTB

“There are four basic values and rights that no-one must take from another person. Those are freedom, dignity, safety, and hope. Every human being is unique and must have the freedom to choose and to have control at a very basic level. When we talk about children, then it is the responsibility of adults to provide them with safety and basic human rights. Human trafficking is a violation at every point in the life of a human being and affects especially children’s rights. The long-lasting consequences of this crime are devastating and catastrophic. That is why we, who have lived through trafficking, are called survivors”.

Welcome to you who have come to this page!

This is a room for the activities that involves our work against human trafficking in human beings (HTB). It shares both projects that are involved with, and projects that are run by ourselves, and all kinds of activities that are associated with work against human trafficking.

Do not hesitate to get in touch and share your thoughts, experiences, and recommendations. If you have any questions, ask. We will help as best we can.


KelRa Team

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