About Us

Welcome to KelRa Team and Invisible Children!

Here you will find stories from the work that KelRa Team is working on.

KelRa Team is based on a known concept; fiction built on true stories of real people. Most of us find joy and meaning in stories about topics we recognize ourselves in. It is exciting to see if other people, in similar situations, are acting the way we would have done, or solving dilemmas in ways we had never come up with. And when we come into contact with the world of others, we also come into contact with ourselves. The people we are talking about here are all of us, you and me, despite being in what can be characterized as dramatic circumstances.

The concept of KelRa Team stands for much different. You can find KelRa works with entertainment, where short stories and photo work are at the center of the moment, with prospects for future development. And then you investigative work that many stories are based on. Activities under Invisible Children are connected to the work against human trafficking on the political level.

In this blog, Regina L. J.  writes about her experiences in life and her work against human trafficking. The time has come, so is clear, but the whole big project is a journey with a blind eye. The reader is aware of all the factors that the pursuit of openness will lay out for her, the obstacles she must face.

She chooses to be brave, but why?

Most of all, to help those who are or have been in the same situations and have similar experiences. She hopes that her own openness can provide strength.

“I was going back to my past and I was going forward to my future. Like so many others.”

Besides, she wants to meet all those who sleep. Those who sleep like Tornerose or the Princess on the pea. Those who believe that the world is put together in an orderly way.

She wants to wake those who are still asleep. It’s time to get up.

You are welcome to be a part of this journey and be part of the work that hopefully will make a change!